Chuzhe int-Fipenye end of the year (EP)

Talented zambian musician drop the long awaiting ALBUM tilted FIPENYE END OF THE YEAR EP for more information

1.Fipenye ft sanga Tembo DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

2.Commader DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

3.Ubufontini ft Lombe chiti DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

4.My everything ft Zaggr zacx DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

5.Johnny ft Daelight DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

6.Shumba Umusana ft Daelight DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

7.Cry of the window EP outro with various Artists DOWNLOAD NOW!!!


8.Tiyoko Chi Father DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

Producers who takes part in production tag KOFI MIX,MR FUNKY.AMA JOE.MR B.TY

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