Deav Zambia Pay Me Back My Money Manager For Tony Go viral

Mr Rodgers who is the Manager for Tony drops takes it on social media as he explains how Daev Zambia got his money which was meant for a feature between Mr Rodger’s Artist Tony Drops and Daev Zambia..
Daev zambia collected an amount of k600 cash from Mr Rodgers meant for a feature in one of his label signed artist MB entertainment Tony Drops. Mr Rodgers has helped Deav Zambia in so many ways some time back Mr Rodgers organised two shows for Deav Zambia in Mpulungu roadside & Mbala By Then Daev had only 3 hit songs named Nimayewa,Bokosi &
Single which features Slap Dee . Mr Rodgers & Deav have been more like brothers they could talk and advise Each other on one or two things, ultimately Mr Rodgers Called Daev asking him if he can do a chorus on Tony Drop’s song which Daev Zambia accepted and Charged Mr Rodgers an amount of k600, Mr Rodgers Paid Daev the Money months Ago and since then Daev Zambia started fusing in sorts of excuses for months now and even stopped picking or reply to Mr Rodgers till now.