NEWS: Dax My parents couldn’t pay for my education

Dax Can’t believe it’s been 3 YEARS since I graduated, quit the overnight janitor job, stopped hooping, and decided to become a full time artist. I’ve never made excuses. My parents couldn’t pay for my education so I spent 10 years working my ass off and got full basketball scholarships at the D1 and D2 level. I went to 3 schools in 4 years and got my degree in 4 and 1/2. I led the league in scoring my senior year and turned down overseas contracts after I found my passion for poetry. I jumped in head first. I had no ties or connections to anyone in entertainment so I then built my platform from scratch by myself. If there’s anything you can learn from me it’s to stop waiting on other people to validate you and CROWN YOURSELF. The only validation you need is from the man above and that is a common birth right. If you were born, you were chosen. NOBODY CARES how you feel, just KEEP WORKING and BE YOURSELF. I’m pissed off for greatness and I despise mediocrity. Watch what happens next Read More….