Phil JR || Biography

Hello, Philip sikainda jr are my full names also know as phil JR . I’m a radio presenter and full time media practitioner.
Growing up as a child i always dreamt of being an accountant like my Dad but as time went on i thought of banking and finance at some point and finally landed at Journalism.

I attended my Primary level at libala Primary and my secondary level at libala high school .

I so much wanted to be an accountant but fell in love with the music and thought if i can not do music my self then why not promote it in other ways hence i enrolled to pursue journalism at the university of zambia.

Here is the birth of my radio career, HoneFm Radio which is on 94.1 gave me my first radio presence as a Co-host of a show called zed experience which runs every Saturday from 06-10hrs.

Society looks at radio as an easy thing to do but my first days were not as easy as i thought i thank God for giving me courage to focus and have determination. Not forgetting for giving me the necessary skills i need to strive through this industry.

in short i have dedicated my life to see to it that the Zambian music industry reaches its greatest heights.

Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but believe in you too.